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Tower Coaching Athlete Testimonials

Tower Coaching athletes have achieved success on many levels. To me, the best part about coaching is helping them achieve their dreams, learn more about themselves and create fulfilling personal experiences.

"I am so grateful to have had Janice as a coach over the past several years! She goes above and beyond to not only customize my workouts to help me get stronger but has also helped me figure out things like nutrition and mental preparation that has help me immensely as an athlete. She worked with me to balance multiple sports and compete at the national level in both xc skiing and 3 disciplines of cycling. I owe Janice so much for being there for me since I started racing, for being a knowledgeable resource, and for pushing me to become the athlete I never could have imagined I would become."

Ellie Mitchell, Anchorage, Alaska.  UCI Ranked U23 Cyclocross and Mountain Biking

"I have known Janice for years, having been introduced to cycling by her Mighty Bikes junior cycling program.  Janice helped me discover my love for cycling, which, with her outstanding coaching, has translated into results that I never would have believed I was possible of achieving before I met her.  Her workouts can be very tough, but her ability to help you meet and exceed your goals is amazing.  Her knowledge base is exceptional, and she's always ready to provide words of encouragement to help you reach your maximum potential."

Josh Yeaton, Boulder, Colorado, Triple National Collegiate Champion

"Having been sidelined from the sport for several years due to injury, I turned to Janice after receiving a total hip replacement.  I was raring to go!  She designed a plan that got me back up to speed.  With her guidance, I am now back and stronger than ever.  End result: PRs in my “A” races and my first win as an expert rider! Thanks Janice!"

Bill Fleming, Anchorage, Alaska

"I first met Janice in a garage in the middle of an Alaskan winter doing a century on a trainer . I found her easy to talk to, and only later learned from others about her personal accomplishments. I asked her to help me train for something I never thought I could ever do. Janice thought I could. I was a relative novice, rank beginner bicyclist with not a possibility of fame or glory in my future. Just a simple older woman with a bit of a crazy idea. So, Janice believed in what I could do before I even thought about it. I was humbled by the fact that this amazing woman would take the time to work with me. Well, I had no idea what kind of coach I had found. I was able to train and qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris 2007. It was a dream come true, one I didn't really know I had.  During my 600k ride, she supported me at checkpoints, fed me, and basically took care of me. I made my goal of going to France, and I will go again hopefully. Janice is still working with me. I wouldn't ever want to do this without someone like her to nudge this old body along."
Leslie Reed, Seattle, Washington

"Janice is awesome!  She gives me great customized workouts that coordinate with my busy cross training schedule. She has definitely helped me improve my cycling speed and endurance."
Pam  Todd, Eagle River, Alaska

"Janice has been my coach for many years now and not only is inspirational and informative, but knows just how far to challenge me. I have seen my cycling abilities go from strength to strength and this has helped me achieve an 8th position in the TT in the European Masters Championships in 2007. I have also won multiple Greek National Master road races and TT under her guidance. Right from the start there was an immediate rapport between us which made it that much easier to communicate through my highs and lows. Thanks Janice."

Dimitri Boutsias, Athens, Greece

​"Personal, professional, results.  Janice Tower has the technical and intuitive gift that makes her an outstanding coach.  Janice has been my coach for 3 years and since I started with her in 2006,  she has helped me take 4 hours off my time in Planet Ultra's "KOM" challenge. She'll hurt you but the results are worth the pain!"

Ted Trubenbach, Santa Ana, California

"I have enjoyed working with Janice and her organized, disciplined and realistic approach to cycling training.  Through efficient training she has helped me to achieve my cycling goals."

Joe Pollock, Anchorage, Alaska

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